'Feed Your Artist' is a series of posts I am currently doing on social media that inspire my art. Things, ideas, expressions, thoughts, principals and spiritual exercises that free my flow and allow me to be comfortable in my own skin, which in turn inspires that creativity in me.  Below are some excerpts from the writings that go along with a few of the posts. You can click on the links to read on my social media sites further. 

Be Yourself, Everyone else is already taken

Sometimes I sit in my car (the only rational place to speak out loud those things that otherwise sound crazy), and I make my case. The other day the conversation went as follows. "I don't want to be Liz, Gilbert, Billy Corgan, or my friends who seem to have it all, or even my mentors who's advice I seek out - I want to be wholly and completely ME... To the fullest expression. Not Stevie Nicks (although her fashion sense in ON POINT), or Chrissy Hynde (we all know she freaking rocks) or anyone else I probably hold pieces of in my heart. I have come to discover that the most powerful voices understand their reverence for others abilities and expression, but still manage to hold their own so deeply and unapologetically. Probably those whom I am drawn to most have this quality. And this my friends is inspiration for day 11, may it serve you well.

Just Do It

If we simply spent the amount of time and energy just doing what we are passionate about rather than comparing or worrying about growing a following, making money, getting approval or avoiding judgement, we'd probably grow the kind of dreams we dream about. We'd probably organically see the results we desired and we would be full because we would be doing exactly what God made us to do. Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself where my priorities are. Am I doing what I love? Do I love what I'm doing? Am I in that place where my passion comes alive? As Kris Vollotton so candidly quotes "What would you do if you were 10x bolder? If it's anything other than what you are doing now, you've been reduced by fear"


The "enough" of right where I'm at

As artists (and humans), we tend to have a critical eye that pushes for more. I am, however, learning the great joy of enough in every place I arrive at in life. In every financial setting, every stage of career, and even in relationships. It is that I have enough for this moment, if I really look for it. If I can manage to place my eyes on what I have instead of what I lack, I then become instantly wealthy. And all the energy I wasted worrying about what I wished I had or don't currently obtain, I can thrust into the creativity that God so freely lavishes. This is what abundance looks like...